Yokohama Kogumaen

It’s not an easy thing for children with heart disease to join in a group and go to preschools for several reasons; infection concern, lack of physical strength, tiredness, slow physical development, poor attendance because of surgeries or inspections, etc…
Yokohama Koguma-en is a child care group for children with heart disease established about 30 years ago, belonging to general incorporated association, “Yokohama Shinzobyo-no-kodomo wo Mamoru-kai”. Currently the group is held every Monday, and children with various disease, symptoms and age are joining the group with their parents.
Kogumaen is run by the parents, nursery teachers and volunteer staffs. Parents discuss the daily/ monthly/ annual schedule with the staffs, and make their original curriculum for their children. By activities like playing with toys, going to parks, reading picture books and singing songs, kids can experience how it is like to be in a group. By the annual events such as birthday parties, picnics, summer party and so on, they learn the delight of sharing their joy.
Not only the children but also their parents feel Kogumaen is a place for them. They can share their daily information, medical problems and so on with other mothers and clear up many difficulties caused by their child’s disease.
If your child has cardiac disease and has any kind of difficulty in joining a group, please feel free to contact us, as Kogumaen might be the one that can solve your problem.



2000yen/ month (+ 3000yen as admission fee + 800yen as insurance)



Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ku, Mitsuzawashitamachi, 14-57, St, Andrews Church
5 min walk from Blue line Mitsuzawa-shimocho station

* parking available